My name is Karl Cheney and I started Castlebar Solutions to help organizations navigate in a sea of complexity. This website is primarily meant to share my enthusiasm and ongoing research into various aspects of project management. If you have topics you would like to discuss or areas you would like to see further research, send me an e-mail. I promise, I’ll enjoy researching or learning about whatever you throw at me.

I spent sixteen years active duty in the US Army. Now, I am working towards a Doctorate in Business Administration at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. More details about my education and a list of my professional certifications are available on my LinkedIn profile.

I have three wonderful kids that help me fill my schedule when I’m not working or studying. I am a dedicated life-long learner and am enjoying the process of learning to fly and play the piano. Reading for pleasure means reading history, but I do admit I’ve developed an appreciation for audio books.

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